Ice Cream
Bespoke Creative Workshops
Image by Joel Muniz

Do you have a bridal party you would love to take on a trip but don't know where to begin?

Maybe you have a big birthday coming up and want to take a group of friends on a week of creativity and connecting?

Let's talk!

We can arrange the whole journey.  Tell us where you want to go, what activities interest you, and your timing and we will make it happen!

We will begin by asking where you would like to go.

We will then discuss the activities (creative ideas such as stitching or watercolors, food centered plans like wine tastings or cooking classes, perhaps add a yoga routine into the agenda, or bring in a massage therapist to work out the kinks), food choices and what kind of sleeping arrangements you would prefer (hotel, house, boat). Imagine the possibilities!

Email us to start the discussion.

Image by Timo Stern