The schedule for the week

Lauren will share her wealth of knowledge with us about cheese in Holland and Kimberly will teach you how to capture all of that knowledge and inspiration in your own "Field Guide" (no experience needed).
We will visit shops and farms that specialize in Dutch cheese and do some tastings along the way.  Some cheese will return to the house with us to use as our muse for sketching and later a pre-meal treat to have with a glass of wine.
                                      We'll also spend time foraging for wild                                              plants to mix up elixirs and tonics. Lauren                                          chooses what to make according to what's                                          available in the moment so we may......                                              
                                       *Make a delicious fondue
                                       *Create cheese curds
                                       *Assemble a cheese and forage board                                                 *Make a compound butter with herbs and                                          flowers
                                       *Purchase the different cheeses Holland is                                                known for to do a tasting/ tutorial                                                  
Throughout the week we will be making a                                        "field guide" for the recipes and curious                                              details and secrets that Lauren shares.                                                Kimberly will teach you how to capture                                            the plants in your sketchbook with pencil and paintbrush. Don't worry if you "cannot draw" as Kimberly can teach anyone! You will also learn how to incorporate writing so the recipes and stories can be captured alongside the drawings and paintings.
Each participant will each receive a French market backpack filled with the materials necessary to draw, sketch, paint and illustrate a field guide.  Included in your art supplies will be a custom made watercolor kit that Kimberly has assembled.  You can use the market backpack for toting your art supplies around on your bike and in the city too. 
When we aren't foraging in fields or studying cheese, we will visit the famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to spend some time with paintings by the Dutch masters for creative inspiration and partake in a Canal Cruise around Amsterdam.

May 7-14, 2022

We'll be staying in a wonderful farmhouse in the countryside between
Amsterdam and Utrecht, Holland

$1950 per person- Post Covid special pricing (In 2023 it will go up to 3200 per person)
(all spaces will be in shared rooms, 2-3 people per room)

*Twin bed in a shared room
*Fresh prepared dinners with local produce
*A light breakfast spread of local yogurts, coffee and breads
*Entrance to the Rijksmuseum
*A canal cruise
*A sketchbook and art supplies for creating your Field Guide
with a woven market backpack to carry everything with
you on
your bike
*A bike rental
*Train tickets to/ from the house/ Amsterdam

Not included...
*Airfare to/from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam
*Taxi or Uber to/ from the house/ airport 
*Lunches while we are out and about exploring.

We highly recommend purchasing trip insurance as we are unable
to refund you if something prevents you from joining us. Here is a company that we have used with success in the past...

We will be riding bikes occasionally (Uber is available for rides to the train if you are not up for lots of biking) and we will be doing a lot of walking.  Comfy shoes and layering clothes are recommended.

All deposits are non-refundable after March 1, 2022.
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